Instrument Maintenance and Warranty


Run by musicians, for musicians, Sandarac is fully aware of the needs of the player and realises how daunting it can be to entrust a beloved instrument to someone else's care. Rest assured our extremely high standards and excellent technical know-how ensures that all instruments are quickly returned in first class playing condition - and in many cases better than when it originally left the factory.

Sandarac's ethos is that the customer plays an important role in the repair process. Our technical experts are available to work with you, offering advice on action height, string-type, etc., to arrive at the optimal instrument specification for your playing style.

After a job is completed the instrument is thoroughly played-in to ensure that everything has settled down. When collecting an instrument, customers are encouraged to play it on the premises and any small changes that may be necessary due to personal preferences can be made at the time.

All repair and maintenance work is followed-up with a courtesy call to ensure that everything is to the customer's satisfaction and any concerns dealt with. All repairs are fully guaranteed for six months (subject to fair wear and tear).


Sandarac has the utmost confidence in the quality of the Kremona brand and are totally committed to ensuring customers are completely satisfied with their instrument. In the unlikely event that something untoward happens, or there is any problem with an instrument to cause concern, all instruments come with a free 12 month warranty that covers:

  • Failure of seams and all other glued joints.
  • Mechanical problems with tuning pegs and end pin.
  • Defects with tail piece.
  • Failure of tail piece wire.
  • Cracks to timber parts (resulting from a defect in the wood).

The warranty does not cover:

  • Damage due to neglect
  • Accidental damage by customer or third party (however instrument insurance is available at competitive rates through our broker).
  • Broken strings