Keeping your Resolutions

Our second #WednesdayWisdom piece in our series on keeping your resolutions is also simple; pick one and stick to it.

Many people make the mistake of trying to keeping multiple resolutions with the inevitable result that you end up breaking one, then another, and then give up altogether.

Our recommendation is also put forward by Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at Hertfordshire University, as well as the American Psychological Association.

The reason why focussing on one resolution works better is that establishing new behavioural patterns takes time. Putting your effort into a single resolution to improve yourself will a) be less daunting than if you tried to do several, b) mean you spread yourself less thinly, and c) mean you are more likely to achieve your goal.

Therefore instead of resolving to practice more, lose weight, learn that new technique, go to the gym, or even learn a new instrument pick one on which to focus. On average you’ll keep to keep doing your new behaviour for at least 6-7 weeks for it to become a natural habit. After 3 months it should be sufficiently ingrained to allow you to move on to your next resolution.

Tackling your resolutions this way means that you should succeed in making and keeping four resolutions over the year rather than making, and potentially failing at, four resolutions early in the year.

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Facebook Changes

A revamp is coming to your Facebook news feed, with the social media giant announcing last Friday that it’s being changed to focus on status updates and photos posted by friends and family members, whilst at the same time de-emphasising news articles and anything published by brands.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, in a post on Friday, about the change; “We feel a responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being.” He also said the shift is intended to ensure more “meaningful interaction” on Facebook, with the company wanting to encourage more conversations by users with people they know, instead of passively consuming articles or videos.

This means that unless you interact on a regular basis with our Facebook page we will disappear from your feed

This article from BBC-World gives you more information:

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