Guitar Month

#DidYouKnow that April is International #GuitarMonth? It’ll come as no surprise that we’re big fans of that so we’re going to be showcasing some of our wonderful #guitars during April, starting with our Connoisseur Collection.

The Connoisseur Collection is a range of unique and beautiful hand crafted acoustic guitars. Each is a one-off, a masterpiece, representing the finest work of three of the most revered independent luthiers in the world. Tone, playability, appearance – these guitars make no compromises, every one is exquisite in all areas. The timbers used were chosen specifically for their tonal qualities, seasoned naturally for at least ten years (often decades longer) and handcrafted to reveal the beauty inherent in the wood.

Blurring the lines between lutherie and art…Each guitar took between four and six months to make, its personality often evolving as the character of the wood guides the luthier, almost like the sculptor that reveals the beautiful statue hidden inside a block of stone.

The Connoisseur Collection is for those who appreciate the value of something that is truly unique, those who want something crafted, not ”manufactured”.

The Collection features examples of the work of three master luthiers; a superb French Busato gypsy jazz guitar from Maurice Dupont, Spanish Flamenco and Classical guitars by Ricardo Sanchis Carpio, and some unique, characterful and very special steel-strung acoustic guitars by Irish luthier John Catherwood.

Music Deaths

A little later than usual, we’re paying tribute to the 115 individuals from the music industry who died during March. The music industry is the poorer for their passing.

Hauk Buen, 87, Norwegian fiddler
Michael Gudinski, 68, Australian music industry executive, co-founder of Mushroom Records
Agim Krajka, 83, Albanian composer
Ralph Peterson Jr., 58, American jazz drummer

Chris Barber, 90, English jazz bandleader and trombonist
Àlex Casademunt, 39, Spanish pop singer, actor, and TV presenter
Mark Goffeney, 51, American guitarist
Rina Gunawan, 46, Indonesian singer and presenter
Kari Rasmussen, 88, Norwegian singer and actress and singer
Prabhat Sarma, 85, Indian flautist and singer
Anna Shuttleworth, 93, English cellist
Bunny Wailer, 73, Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, and Grammy winner (1991, 1995, 1997)

Medea Abrahamyan, 88, Armenian cellist
Duffy Jackson, 67, American jazz drummer
Dagoberto Planos Despaigne, 64, Cuban singer
Maria José Valério, 87, Portuguese singer
Roger Verhaart, 54, Dutch musician and composer

Alan Cartwright, 75, English rock bassist
Barbara Ess, 73, American musician and photographer
Bhaskar Menon, 86, Indian-born American music industry executive, chairman and CEO of EMI Worldwide
Jana Šulcová-Kühnová, 85, Czech music teacher
Helmut Winschermann, 100, German classical oboist and composer

Chuang Ling Yun, 21, Taiwanese singer and actress
Sasa Klaas, 27, Motswanan singer-songwriter
Michael Stanley, 72, American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter

Renée Doria, 100, French opera singer

Dmitri Bashkirov, 89, Russian pianist
Sanja Ilić, 69, Serbian composer and keyboardist
Josky Kiambukuta, 72, Congolese singer
Lars-Göran Petrov, 49, Swedish heavy metal singer

Adrian Bărar, 61, Romanian guitarist and composer
James MacGaw, French guitarist
Éva Tordai, 83, Hungarian opera singer
Julien-François Zbinden, 103, Swiss composer and jazz pianist

Freddy Birset, 73, Belgian singer and musician
Maarja Haamer, 82, Estonian opera singer
James Levine, 77, American conductor and pianist
Shuichi Murakami, 70, Japanese jazz drummer
Len Skeat, 84, English jazz double-bassist
René Taesch, 69, French musician, writer, and photographer
Mark Whitecage, 83, American jazz reedist

Bruce Abel, 84, American bass singer
János Gonda, 89, Hungarian jazz pianist
Lyudmila Lyadova, 95, Russian composer and singer, People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1984)
Stephen Scott, 76, American composer
Roger Trigaux, 69, Belgian musician

Ray Campi, 86, American rock double bassist
Jewlia Eisenberg, 50, American singer
Florentín Giménez, 95, Paraguayan pianist and composer
Sally Grossman, 81, American music label executive
Victor Lebedev, 86, Russian composer, People’s Artist of Russia (2005)
Τakis Mousafiris, 83, Greek composer, lyricist and musician, cancer
Lily de Vos, 96, Dutch singer

Maximiliano Djerfy, 46, Argentine guitarist
Dion Payton, 70, American blues guitarist and singer
Stahan Rakhimov, 83, Uzbek singer, People’s Artist of Russia (2002)

Raoul Casadei, 83, Italian singer and composer
Mark Lubotsky, 89, Russian violinist
Michael Stein, 70, German schlager music singer

Eulalio Cervantes, 52, Mexican saxophonist
Mahmoud Khoshnam, 85, Iranian music critic
Friedrich Meyer-Oertel, 84, German opera director
Thione Seck, 66, Senegalese singer and musician
Reggie Warren, 52, American R&B singer

Dragoljub Đuričić, 68, Montenegrin drummer
Doug Parkinson, 74, Australian pop and rock singer

Emilia Fadini, 90, Spanish-born Italian harpsichordist and musicologist

Gerhard Augustin, 79, German music producer
Mayada Basilis, 54, Syrian singer
Antón García Abril, 87, Spanish composer
Matt Miller, 34, American keyboardist
Freddie Redd, 92, American pianist and composer
Corey Steger, 42, American metal guitarist
Anna Wójtowicz, 73, Polish violinist and cellist

Paul Jackson, 73, American jazz bassist
Valeriu Negruța, 80, Moldovan violinist and conductor

Cristián Cuturrufo, 48, Chilean jazz trumpeter
Margie Evans, 81, American blues and gospel singer and songwriter
Irmão Lázaro, 54, Brazilian gospel singer and politician
Éva Nagy, 73, Hungarian singer

Constance Demby, 81, American composer
Buddy Deppenschmidt, 85, American jazz drummer
Taryn Fiebig, 49, Australian operatic soprano
Robert Gard, 93, British-born Australian tenor
Yevgeny Nesterenko, 83, Russian operatic singer
Dan Sartain, 39, American rock and roll musician

Pierick Houdy, 92, French composer and musician

Connie Bradley, 75, American music executive
Noel Bridgeman, 74, Irish musician
Corinne Chapelle, 44, French-American violinist
Ethel Gabriel, 99, American record producer, music executive, and Grammy winner (1982)
Don Heffington, 70, American drummer
Hana Hegerová, 89, Slovak singer and actress
Peter Viskinde, 67, Danish rock musician

Jean Baudlot, 74, French composer
Dorin Leșeanu, 33, Moldovan composer
Richard Stoker, 82, British composer

Alexander Lipnitsky, 68, Russian musician
Tavish Maloney, American guitarist
Jaroslav Šaroun, 77, Czech pianist, composer, and music educator

Želimir Altarac Čičak, 73, Bosnian music promoter, publicist, and poet
Brett Bradshaw, American drummer
Cornelia Catangă, 63, Romanian singer
Coosje Wijzenbeek, 72, Dutch violinist and violin pedagogue

Zafir Hadžimanov, 77, Macedonian-Serbian singer and actor
Rodion Roșca, 67, Romanian rock musician

Olgierd Buczek, 89, Polish singer.
Malcolm Cecil, 84, British musician and record producer
Ryszard Zimak, 74, Polish conductor, pedagogue, and rector of Chopin University of Music

Hans Kinds, 74, Dutch guitarist
Keiko Tōyama, 87, Japanese pianist

Claire dela Fuente, 62, Filipino singer

Anzor Erkomaishvili, 80, Georgian composer, musician, and MP (2008–2009)
Jane Manning, 82, English operatic soprano
Jadwiga Wysoczanská, 93, Czech opera singer