Advance Notice

We thought we’d remind you that from the 17th to 21st July inclusive The Old Dairy will only be open by appointment.

This is because staff will be supporting The Floyd Effect’s tour taking in the following:
17th – The Fire Station, Sunderland
18th – The Ryan Centre and Theatre, Stranraer
19th – The Albert Halls, Stirling
20th- Gardyne Theatre, Dundee

Orders will go out as usual during this time but there may be a delay in returning e-mails and voicemail.

Closed/Not Closed

We sometimes get messages from people saying they popped by only to find us closed. We feel your frustration, especially if you’ve gone out of your way to visit us.

However, sometimes we have people in the showroom who have booked a private try out and so we ‘close up’ whilst they are there.

On the other hand, we might be talking to a luthier or having a private conversation with one of our artisan makers. In which case we will lock the door to prevent walk ins during that time.

Or, when there’s only one of us manning the shop, we might need a loo break. In which case you’ll find the reception door locked to prevent shoplifting.

Whatever the reason, there are times when the door is locked but we are open. This is why we request that you give us a call before popping in Thank you.