Forthcoming Events

- Spring 2018 -

Sandarac Productions - Tickets are still available for the Floyd Effect shows at the Tivoli Theatre, Wimbourne Minster on 24/3 & Castle Theatre, Wellingborough, on 7/4 

Reminder: The Old Dairy will be open Saturday 17/3 for our Flash Sale in addition to our out of hours by appointment service.



LP-15 Series OutsiderIntroducing the LP-15 Series of Pickups for Small Soundboard Instruments, Ukes and Guitars

We are pleased to welcome another great product from Canada's premier acoustic pickup specialists, Schatten Design. The latest LP-15 pickup is designed especially for small sized soundboard instruments. The LP-15 is amongst the smallest, thinnest, lightest, lowest profile and easily installed soundboard pickups available in the market today and at an extremely affordable price.  We have already had some great reports about these flexible pickups from very disparate sources - from percussive-style steel string players to ukelele ensembles. We think you'll like them too.

Schatten Design is Canada’s leading manufacturer of pickups for acoustic instruments. Schatten Design offer a wide range of pickups including products specially designed for steel and nylon strung guitars, resonators, Selmer Maccaferri guitars, archtops,banjos, bouzoukis, mandolins, mandolas, ukeleles, harps, autoharps, dulcimers, violins, violas, cellos and basses. In fact, Schatten probably have a pickup solution for almost any acoustic instrument in the market today.

Hitting the Right Note

We are proud to announce that Sandarac has been listed as one of the finest and most trusted music shops in the UK in the new Music Industries Association (MIA) Trusted Music Store scheme.  The scheme has been set up to help musicians ensure that they can deal with confidence with any listed store whether simply seeking advice or to buy that new instrument.  The Music Industries Association (MIA) has launched the scheme to safeguard instrument sales and aims to create a more harmonious shopping experience all-round. The trademarked TMS logo is now displayed at the Old Dairy confirming our compliance with the scheme’s requirements of stocking a great range of instruments, and being able to provide expert advice, support and guidance for musicians at all levels.
MIA, says: “Great value, great service and peace of mind is what TMS aims to offer UK customers. It’s a guide to the best music shops out there as well as providing consumer protection, often lacking in today’s market. We want to highlight the benefits of shopping in store where customers can view and handle a wide range of instruments, receive individual guidance and information, ensuring they choose the right one for them.”


For People in Their Right Mind

Here at Sandarac we have always supported the left-handed player; keeping one or two in stock and getting any of our instruments made at no extra cost. In 2013, to coincide with the 21st anniversary of International Left-Handers’ Day, we launched Southpaw Central; a collection of European, luthier-made, hand-crafted guitars dedicated to the left-hander. A collection which we are reliably informed is the largest of its type; covering classical, acoustic, gypsy, and a Connoisseur.




Invest in a Masterpiece

...and for those of a discerning mind we are proud to present the Connoisseur Collection; a selection of unique and beautiful hand-crafted guitars. Each is a one-off, a masterpiece, representing the work of three of the finest independent luthiers in the world. Tone, playability, appearance – these guitars make no compromises, every one is exquisite in all areas. Each guitar will have taken between four and six months to make, its personality evolving as the character of the wood guides the luthier, almost like the sculptor that reveals the beautiful statue hidden inside a block of stone. The Connoisseur Collection, blurring the lines between lutherie and art…



Selecting the Best from the Craftsmen of Europe

The Dupont range of guitars, basses, amplifiers and pickups have proven to be popular despite the current recession proving that quality will always count.  The Auditorium flat tops and the B4E acoustic bass have both received excellent reviews in Guitarist and Bass Guitar magazine respectively.

The Be-Bop Jazz Archtop (pictured right) was reviewed in Guitar and Bass Magazine.  Whilst that particular guitar is no longer with us we have a Be-Bop together its sister model, the Belleville, available to view at The Old Dairy or at the Guitar Shows listed in our Diary and Events.

The unique, collapsible, Volante bass again from the Dupont studios is continuing to create a stir. This fantastic double bass, built with the touring musician in mind: can be seen on tour with The Jools Holland Orchestra and Mario Carrillo respectively. The bass combines excellent playability and a great sound with the peace of mind provided by the instrument’s golf bag sized flight case. The 5-string and left handed versions have proven particularly popular.

The French made Volante bass now sits in the Old Dairy showroom alongside its more traditional double bass cousins and the rest of the Kremona bowed instrument range in the Sandarac portfolio. Handcrafted in the Orpheus Valley these traditionally made violins, violas, cellos and basses continue to represent excellent value for money for improvers and professionals alike.