About Us

Based on the North Essex, South Suffolk border Sandarac’s small team is dedicated to providing customers with high quality acoustic stringed instruments, accessories and music related giftware.  With an emphasis firstly on Quality, secondly on Acoustic, and thirdly to specialise in the Classical, Jazz, and Flamenco genres Sandarac works hard to bring instruments made by some of the finest master European luthiers working today to our customers the UK. Nothing mass produced; Quality First; Always endeavouring to bring something a little different to our customers. In recent times we have been pleased to introduce a range of guitars for the left-handed player, the Southpaw Central collection, and a selection of the sometimes unusual, but very special, crème de la crème-pieces as part of our Connoisseur Collection. For all acoustic instrumentalists Sandarac is proud to endorse and exclusively represent Canada's finest acoustic pickup maker, Schatten Design in the UK and Ireland. With a pickup for almost every acoustic instrument you can think of, and probably more than a few more you couldn't, we will be able to get you heard over the loudest of band members. Just give us a call to discuss your specific needs. We are always looking for new stockists for these great pickups. Trade enquiries are welcome.  

Sandarac was originally founded to source and supply affordable, high quality European made double basses for intermediate to advanced players in the UK. Since those early beginnings the product range has grown to encompass all bowed instruments and ultimately to the supply of fine quality acoustic, semi-acoustic, flamenco, jazz and classical guitars. Throughout, Sandarac has sought to bring new things to the product range. This has been especially true with the latest addition to the family, our music-related giftware. Here you should be able to find some great ideas for that special someone or indeed something with which to treat yourself. All products in the giftware range are carefully selected to remain true to our quality ethos of sourcing from UK or European makers.  For giftware, as with our instrument range, we constantly strive to find something a little different to the mainstream and support the smaller makers wherever we can. 

A new chapter for the business now begins with the launch of the Sandarac Webstore. Until now, we have perhaps been a little slow in fully embracing ecommerce. It is of course true that for most of the instruments we supply we would expect to see you in the showroom to 'try before you buy'. After all, our instruments are all one-off, each one unique by its very nature.  The new web store allows you to see what is currently in the showroom as well as browse the instruments against which we would be happy to take a deposit for a build to order. For the smaller items, such as accessories and giftware, you now have the opportunity to buy online and no longer have to drop in, email, or call  with orders. Of course, you are welcome to continue to do this as we always love to see and hear from you. Ordering has just become so much easier.

So, having already joined the social media revolution Sandarac now fully embraces the digital age (at last).  We invite you to browse the new Webstore, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter but don't forget you are still welcome to visit us at The Old Dairy to experience the richness and tonal warmth of our instruments for yourself. We are confident that you will find our beautiful instruments a delight to play and joy to own. We would like to take the opprotunity here to thank you all for your continued support and hope you find something in these pages you like.