Double Bass - Compass 180

A Classical string designed for orchestral tuning.

The use of modern textile fibres makes the strings particulalrly elastic, allowing increased amplitude of vibration thereby producing a full rich and open sound. The pizzicato is strong with long sustain; the strings responding perfectly to the crystal clear harmonics.
Compass 180's require no change in playing technique, opening up new possibilities in terms of sound, tone, and modulation.

Available in standard (EADG), C-Ext (CADG), Solo (AEBF#) or Fifths tuning (CGDA) sets

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Price: £295.00

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Velvet's approach is to focus on the instrument as a whole, its function and history. Their work encompasses a respect for tradition and an openness to innovation, combining handcraft and contemporary computer-aided string design in a quest for the most beautiful, expressive sound of all.  Velvet strings provide round full tones and the greatest possible sound transmission are achieved by uniform loading of the bridge. The strings are designed so that the force required at standard pitch is the same for each string.

The string cores consist of materials chosen for their sound quality and consistency, elasticity, resilience and robustness. The windings ensure free oscillation of the strings and the best possible tone.The choice of materials, the design, and construction produce a lighter string with lower tension, reducing the stress on your instrument and opening it up to allow a heightened clarity, intensity and spaciousness to the sounds produced.