Stimer Gypsy Jazz Pickup - Stimer S51 Retro Dual Pickup

Stimer developed the ST48 single-coil magnetic acoustic guitar pick up in 1948 along with a 6 watt valve amplifier, The M.6. Django Reindhart used this equipment from about 1948/9.  Later, Stimer produced the S51, a dual pickup system. This improved design featured a smaller footprint sensor and physically separated the volume control from the pickup unit itself. This allowed the player greater flexibility to position the volume control away from the strumming hand. As with all other Stimer products the S51 retro pickup is lovingly recreated today, in France, by Maurice Dupont; keeping the Stimer sound and iconic design alive for current and future generations of gypsy jazz, manouche, guitarists. As with the ST48, the S51 pickup is extremely easy to fit and provides a well balanced tonal response.  Fit one of these and you’re back in the Hot Club with Django and the boys.

Important: Please note that if you do not have an original Selmer or Maccaferri guitar, or the Dupont equivalent, you should call us to check whether the bracing is compatible with these pickups as many copies do not have the original style of bracing resulting in the pickups not fitting.

Model S51 Stimer Pickup

  • Magnetic pickup single coil in two parts
  • Length 92mm
  • Thickness 7.5mm
  • Separate volume potentiometer
  • One fixing clip for petit bouche O type soundhole
  • 3m cable 
  • Left hand version available on request at no extra cost
Items are sent by Royal Mail first class signed for service by default.  For alternative options please contact us.


Price: £265.00


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