Stands - Mumfords Music Grab-Я

Here's a neat idea, especially for those of you performing outdoors here in the UK.  We've all been there. Everything is set up and ready to go when a gust of wind takes hold of your music and off it goes into the next county.

Local outfit Mumfords have come up with a great piece of kit that will make sure this no longer happens. So, leave those clothes pegs and bulldog clips at home, this stand is the solution.  

The Mumfords Music Grab-Я holds your sheet music in place quickly and securely, allowing easy removal when you want to remove it and not before.

Here at Sandarac we're very pleased to endorse this practical, cost-effective, product and to support a local, Suffolk-based, entrepreneur. Why not pop in to the Old Dairy and try it out for yourself?


Price: £34.99