Preamp - Mini-Pre Belt Clip Preamp

Schatten Design is an innovative Canadian company that specialises in original handmade acoustic pickups.  The company has a tailored pickup solution for acoustic and classical guitar, banjo, resonator, mandolin, violin, piano, bouzouki, folk instruments and everything in between. Schatten pickups are used by performers, luthiers, and manufacturers all around the world.

Mini-Pre Compact Preamps

Belt-Clip Acoustic Preamp
The Mini Pre - Big performance in a small package. Compact in size at only 1 inch thick, 2 inches wide, and a touch over 3 inches in length (25mm x 50mm x 80mm). Weight is 4.5 ozs. (125 grams) with a battery.

Simple- We've kept things simple. When you're on stage there's a limit to the amount of stuff that you really want to have to deal with. So we gave the Mini Pre a volume control, and that's it.

Solid- Tough enough to take years of stage abuse. The Mini Pre is built into a rugged ABS box that is more than tough enough to stand on. Made in Canada.

Hang It Where You Want- The Mini Pre comes complete with a sturdy belt clip that installs on the preamp in a minute, so you may use to clip the preamp to your belt or strap.

* Single Channel Preamp.
* Clean, crisp sound amplification.
* Even, flat response.
* 9 volt battery powered.
* Long battery life (up to 1500 hours with an alkaline battery).
* Trim pot for setting preamp gain from 0 to 20 db.
* Input Impedance: Up to 10 M ohm.
* Output Impedance: Less than 3.5 k ohm 

If one's not enough, for a dual channel preamp check out the new Mini-Pre 2 here 

Sandarac Ltd. is the registered distributor for Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups in the UK and Ireland. Trade enquiries welcome. Please contact us for details.

Items are sent by Royal Mail first class signed for service by default.  For alternative options please contact us.

Price: £70.00