Preamp - Artist II Endpin Jack Preamp

Schatten Design is an innovative Canadian company that specialises in original handmade acoustic pickups.  The company has a tailored pickup solution for acoustic and classical guitar, banjo, resonator, mandolin, violin, piano, bouzouki, folk instruments and everything in between. Schatten pickups are used by performers, luthiers, and manufacturers all around the world.

Artist II Series Endpin Jack Preamps

Two Channel Preamp with Phantom Power Capability

The Artist II Endpin Jack Preamp is capable of running from virtually any power source. It can be run from a 9 volt battery onboard the instrument or by any outboard power source between 11 and 48 volts such as Phantom Power as provided by a mixer, PA system, amp or outboard battery pack.

Control at your fingertips

The Artist II Endpin Jack Preamps are available with Thumbwheel volume controls. These discrete units attach simply and easily to the underside of the top at the edge of the soundhole with 3M VHB foam tape.

The Artist II Series Endpin Jack Preamps are available in three configurations: 
The AEJP - the standard endpin jack active preamp, 
The AEJP1 - with one thumbwheel control
The AEJP2 - with two thumbwheel conrtols.
Sandarac Ltd. is the registered distributor for Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups in the UK and Ireland. Trade enquiries welcome. Please contact us for details.

Items are sent by Royal Mail first class signed for service by default.  For alternative options please contact us.

Price: £106.00