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World Backup Day

In today’s digital world we keep so much data on our devices that it’s important to remember to back them up on a regular basis.

This is especially important when so much sheet music is kept digitally these days. Add to that all your music, videos, and pictures. Not to mention everything else that you keep on your devices.

So as it’s #WorldBackupDay we’re using a #WednesdayWisdom to remind you not to be an April Fool and to back up all your devices today.

World Backup Day

Sunday isn’t just Mothering Sunday; it’s World Backup Day too.

With more and more music being stored digitally – and not just tunes to play but sheet music too – it is becoming increasingly important to backup your data regularly.

What’s more, it is strongly recommended, by those that know far more about this stuff than us, that you back up to more than one place. If you don’t have the backup habit put a recurring appointment in your diary. Depending on how frequently you add new material, you can schedule reminders weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

So don’t find yourself an April Fool on Monday and be sure to backup your data before then.

28 - backup day