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Samois Guitar

Today’s throwback Thursday post features an old guitar lovingly recreated by luthier Maurice Dupont. This sumptuous Samois gypsy guitar has many inlaid images together with carved detailing.

Just one look at the picture gives you an idea of how much work goes into one of these so it’ll come as no surprise that they are truly unique pieces that are only made to order with price on application.


Today’s #ThrowbackThursday piece looks at a guitar by Hans Persson; father of our Southpaw Central luthiers, Lennart.

With apologies for the quality of this 1930’s picture, we thought this True Temperate fingerboard was rather interesting; not to mention a nightmare to make given each fret is individually set for each string.

The idea behind setting the frets individually is to give absolute true tone at every point along the fret board. Given the work involved, we can understand why this wasn’t taken up by large guitar manufacturers.

Save money

Today’s Throwback Thursday post is a little different as we’re not featuring an ancient instrument but reminding you that if you are happy to buy an excellent pickup that isn’t the latest model you can save money. What’s not to like?

For example you can save £30 by opting for the autoharp AD01 and £24 for the violin V02.
Contact us to enquire about the other pickups you could save money on.