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Stimers back in stock

After a short delay, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are delighted to be back to full strength on Stimer pickups.

28 - Dupont back in stockThese iconic pickups are still entirely hand crafted in France and comprises the ST48 for the petite bouche, ST48M for the grande bouche, ST48G for the petite bouche gaucher (grande bouche gaucher is made to order at no extra cost), and the ST51 with the dual pickup system.

To complete the look, and the distinctive sound, why not combine it with the Stimer M12 amp, as seen alongside Django Reinhardt in many of his pictures.  Especially as, thanks to a strong pound, we are able to offer it at a never before low price.  If you don’t need the iconic look of the M12 but still want the authentic gypsy sound  why not try the M12’s little sister – the M6 (also currently at a great low price).  Alternatively, for a slightly jazzier sound you could opt for the versatile Jazz 2; which still has a leather coated exterior and a distinctive retro look.

Come in – we’re open

06 - we're openNormally we’re only open by appointment at weekends but, with a few people coming in to collect their instruments, we took the decision to open for the full day.

So, if you’ve not had the chance to visit us before and fancy a mooch round The Old Dairy why not come and see us at Brickwall Farm today?  We’re on a working farm so, as you come down the drive, you might see the cows or horses in the field, the chickens running around their pen, the lavender hens that wander around, and you could even take a walk out to the lake.

If the animals aren’t reason enough, don’t forget we have a wonderful range or instruments for left and right handers, our Schatten Design pickups, Stimer pickups and amps, plus our wide range of giftware (90% of which has been made right here in the UK with the remaining 10% coming out of wester Europe).

So what’s keeping you…?  We look forwards to seeing you soon

Stimer M6

In addition to the iconic Stimer M12 amplifier we also brought back an entry level Stimer – the M6.

The M6 could be considered to be a bit of a plain jane when compared to her big sister but her forebears graced equally iconic stages and she still delivers that distinctive gyspy sound.

06 - stimer M6With its sleek wooden casing, black leather jacket, and leather handle the M6 is eminently portable and will comfortably sit behind the front seat of most cars. But just because it’s smaller and plainer it doesn’t mean than it hasn’t been hand-made with the same care that its bigger showier sister has. What’s more, we know that this particular one was solely build by Maurice Dupont himself (even if he didn’t make all the components personally!).

As with the M12, we are able to offer this particular M6 amp at a great price; this time at £695, which is over £200 cheaper than previous prices.

Again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we have to emphasis that this price applies only to the Stimer amps currently in stock and that, with forex fluctuations, we cannot guarantee these prices on subsequent models.