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Stimer Pickups

Back in Stock

We forgot to mention the other day that, in with the Galli Strings, were our Stimer pickups – oops.

We have dispatched them to those of who you had them on back order and the remainder are available in our web shop.  Click here to read full details and purchase.

Please note that, as these are all hand made, in addition to left and right handed versions you can have one custom made to suit your needs.  For example, we had one gentleman who, having learned to play on an upside down right-handed guitar, had a left-handed gypsy guitar made as though it was an upside down right-handed one and therefore needed a right-handed Stimer pickup in a gaucher case.  Our right-handed staff were very confused on this one but, fortunately, we have left-handed staff and, with Maurice Dupont also being left-handed, the request was soon easily understood and made.

15 - back in stock