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Classic Offer

We’re giving you a great reason to support Team GB at the forthcoming Winter Olympics; a chance to get money back off qualifying purchases made whilst the Olympics is on

This offer is really simple – honest.  All you have to do is purchase any of our Orpheus Valley guitars, Southpaw Central Lugnås guitars, or Kremona Studios bowed instruments during the Olympics, February 9th – 25th inclusive, and cheer Team GB on as we’ll give you money back off your purchase based on their success*.  Simples

*For every gold medal Team GB wins we’ll refund you £50. For every silver it’s £25. And for each bronze we’ll refund you £10. As the amount discounted is cumulative, you could be in for a bumper discount if the team does well. What better reason to cheer them on?

The ‘not so’ small print:

  • The discount will be applied to the account/card on which the guitar was purchased. We cannot refund the money to an alternative account.
  • Refunds will be applied within 3 working days of the final medal total being confirmed.
  • Only Orpheus Valley and Lugnås guitars and Kremona Studios bowed instruments are included in the offer. All other brands and instruments are specifically excluded.
  • The discount is applied, after the event, to the full purchase price which is the instrument plus its case
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: This offer is in no way associated with Team GB or the Olympics and is merely a fun offer timed to run at the same time and encourage you to cheer on Team GB

Click here to take advantage of our offer.

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Black Friday

You can’t have missed all the adverts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  Well, we’re not doing either.

Instead, we’re rounding off our ten months of discounts celebrating our 10th Anniversary with a special Black Five Days of unrepeatable offers.

Each day next week we will have an extra special offer for you. Each offer will last for 24 hours and will be a unique opportunity to purchase an instrument, together with accessories, at a highly discounted price.

Because of the nature of these offers, it will definitely be a case of when they’re gone, they’re gone, so be sure to check back daily for details.

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon…

This year is Sandarac’s 10th anniversary (can you believe we’ve been going a whole ten years? ) and to celebrate we’re going to do one special offer a month for 10 months starting in February.

Unlike other times when we’ve done offers, we’re going to give you a heads up on all 10 in advance as you may want to plan your purchases (hint: we’re doing something different with these offers) so be sure to check back regularly for the details.