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Happy Left Handers Day

We don’t usually post on a Sunday but there was no way we’d miss celebrating Left-Hander’s Day.

Did you know at one point 80% of Sandarac’s staff were left-handed That’s pretty amazing when you consider that lefties only make up around 10% of the general population.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that we champion left-handers and probably have the largest collection of European hand-crafted left-handed instruments in stock (although somewhat depleted at the moment as both the blonde Tarragona classical and acoustic guitars and the Alan Miller fan fret are awaiting replacement). What’s more, being entirely hand-made, we can get our guitars made left-handed at no extra cost.

What’s more even one of our luthiers, Maurice Dupont, is left handed. We always try to keep a gaucher in stock together with the Stimer Gaucher.

The picture is from the launch of Southpaw Central at the London Acoustic Guitar Show five years ago

13 - left handers day

Still Open

We’re still open!

Given the timing of appointments today, if you’re planning to pop in unannounced after 4pm today we suggest giving us a call in advance to ensure we’ll still be there.

This is a great opportunity to pop in and browse our range of gifts and accessories, not all of which are available to buy online, as well as trying instruments at your leisure.