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Parcel Thefts

With reports of doorstep thefts rising, we’re using today’s #WednesdayWisdom post to remind you why we send all our packages by Royal Mail signed for service.

The internet is a wonderful thing and has made it easier to shop even when you can’t get to the store. However, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas on the horizon delivery drivers have even less time than usual and the temptation for them to just dump packages in the general vicinity of your door makes it all too easy for thieves to snatch those deliveries right from our doorsteps.

By using Royal Mail signed for, we guarantee that your parcel is handed to a person by the postie and, if for some reason it’s not you, we have a signature of who signed for it. Also, in the unlikely event that some scumbag signs for and steals your package in your absence, we will send you another free of charge and sort out the insurance claim for you.

We fully recognise that means we end up charging a bit more for postage than others. Therefore if you prefer that we send your parcel by regular first or second class post, and save yourself a bit on postage, we are happy to comply with your wishes. Please note, though, that this will be at your own risk and, should the parcel be lost in transit, we will not replace the item free of charge. If this is okay with you, just give us a call and we’ll organise it.


With Father’s Day looming and increased sales through our web shop we have, once again, received a few comments about our parcels and the fact that we reuse boxes and our postage in general.

22 - earth dayIt is our policy, wherever possible, to reuse packing and we actively encourage our staff to bring their boxes in from home rather than throw them away. It’s no different to people reusing their shopping bags; if we can get just one additional use out of every piece of packaging just think of how many trees we can save over a year…

One of the other comments we received was about postage and the fact we send pickups with a signed for service. Yes, we know it costs more and someone has to be there to sign for it. However, having had one or two ‘disappear’ en route early on we’ve found it safer to guarantee their arrival.

08 - parcelsA final note on the subject of parcels. It might sound obvious to many of you but we don’t head off to the post office each time we get an order. We do a single run usually 4-4:30ish; being in a rural location we know that if we leave it much later we miss the run to the main sorting office. This does mean that if you call us at 5pm with an order it is unlikely to go before the following day. The same applies to web orders; you might be sitting at your laptop at midnight but we won’t pick it up until we get in to The Old Dairy around 9.

We hope that clarifies why we do what we do…