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New Pickups In Stock

This week we’re introducing the new Schatten Design pickups. Today it’s the Autoharp.

The new AD-02 is a powerful, low profile pickup that was specifically designed for the autoharp. The sensor fits under the strings on most autoharps and attaches quickly and easily to the instrument using the double sided tape supplied with each pickup.

The output jack can be mounted in a number of locations on the instrument depending upon the player’s preference. The pickup is non-invasive and may be easily installed without damaging the instrument.

The AD-02 is only 3/16″ (4.75mm) thick. On most autoharps the pickup sensor can be mounted on the soundboard of the instrument right under the strings as there is normally enough clearance. It may be mounted on the underside of the top or on the inside back or outside back of the instrument depending upon access and preference.

The pickup comes complete and ready to use. It is prewired to a 1/4″ output jack that is easily mounted near the edge of the soundboard with two tiny screws.

The new pickup is available here.

Gillett Guitars

As you know we are very supportive of small, specialist luthiers and, having been founded “for the want of a bass” (albeit an upright) we were particularly interested when Michael Gillett visited our stand a few years ago at a guitar show in Bristol.

We are delighted to be supplying this craftsman with Schatten Design pickups and to publically wish Michael every success with his distinctive basses.

You can read more about him and his instruments here.


New Schatten Design Pickup

As we said previously, snuggled safely within our delivery from our good friends at Schatten Design were some new pickups.

11-new-ch-1The first one we’re featuring is the CH-1.  This new pickup is specifically designed for use on smaller bodied Celtic harps that have 28 strings or less.  It provides a very simple solution to the problem of quickly and easily adding a pickup to a harp; especially if you don’t want it attached permanently or have a number of harps and don’t want the expense of buying a pickup for each of them.

Visit our product page for more details.