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Money Saver

Today’s #WednesdayWisdom could help you to save some money on pickups as, for those of you who don’t want the latest model, we’ve reduced the prices on all the older versions. Check them out here.

REMINDER: Sale ends in 1 hr

REMINDER: There’s just 1 hr left in our ‘Solid Savings’ sale on our mid-range Orpheus Valley guitars before we switch to our next one-day discount.

Today we have two great offers for the celist and double bass player. Our Cello Bundle contains a European-made Kremona VC4 cello*, Soundwear gig bag, bow, spike rest, a set of Velvet strings, and an English pewter keyring and lapel pin all of which would normally set you back over £2500. Today we’re offering all of this for the price of the cello alone, a mere £1999, saving you over £500.

The Double Bass bundle contains a Kremona DB4 bass, Soundwear gig bag, Hercules stand, a set of Velvet Compass blue strings, and an English pewter keyring and lapel pin. All of which retails just shy of £3500. Our one day only amazing price of £2499 gives you a saving of almost £1000.

Click here for full details and to make your purchase as when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Savings for US Customers

29 - lower dollar priceWith the pound falling against the US Dollar our #WednesdayWisdom for today is directed towards our friends across the pond.

A weak pound means it is a great time to purchase one of our in-stock instruments as you’ll be saving around 12%.  So, if you’ve been hankering after a quality, traditionally hand-crafted, European instrument we suggest you place your order sooner rather than later; who knows how long it will be before Sterling will recover and the savings disappear.