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Reminder – Offer ends Thursday

All good things must come to an end and this is especially true of our 10th Anniversary offers; as each only lasts one month.

You’ve three short days in which to buy any of our Classical guitars at the amazing reduced prices (all of which includes a case ). Remember, we’re also offering the discount on build-to-order instruments that are fully paid for by the end of the month irrespective of delivery date.

September will see children return back to school so we’ve made our offer practical pewter with bookmarks, keyrings, and pins all reduced. What better way to personalise your school bag or instrument case? We’re also including our distinctive pewter Luna London bracelets. The slinks are so highly polished that they’re often mistaken for silver.

29 - black ending soon

Ends Monday

All good things must come to an end and so it is with our July offer on our music-themed homeware.

All beamed semi quavers sculptures have now gone. However, we do have the display one left. It is not in pristine condition having been taken around shows for a couple of years and therefore will be available to buy from The Old Dairy only. It will be sold as seen at a discounted price to reflect its condition.

Please note that the sculptures have been discontinued after the company making them was bought out by Carte Blanche and we have not been able to find an alternative UK or European maker. We have investigated 3D printing but each sculpture would then be £2-300 :-O As this is unrealistic, it really is a case of when they’re gone, they’re gone.

August’s offer will be on our Classical guitars and, for the first time, will include ALL our classical instruments from our Orpheus Valley, through our Southpaw Central, to our sumptuous Spanish RSC. We hope you’ve saved your pennies as this really is an offer not to be missed!

28 - ends Monday