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Pop in or by appointment

We love that many of you just pop in to see us and that, during opening hours, you don’t need an appointment to try an instrument.

However, if you want to try an instrument we would rather you did make an appointment. This is so that we can check the instrument(s) you’d like to try over in advance. And, especially with the Dupont, Lugnas, and Sanchis Lopez guitars, contact the luthier to get a range in for you to try if we don’t have them in stock.

Also, because not every member of staff is in every day, it means that we can ensure our resident expert is on hand for you to talk to. For example, if you want to talk about Schatten pickups you’d need to talk to Garry.

And, if those aren’t reasons enough, there’s an added bonus to making an appointment, we can guarantee to have some fresh milk, rather than dry creamer, and biscuits in to ensure there’s tea, coffee, and biscuits galore whilst you play at your leisure – what’s not to like.

Remember, if you can’t get to us during the week or during our normal opening hours we will open up evenings and weekends for you (staff availability permitting) by appointment.

19 - drop in

Back to School

Most schools start their autumn term this week and, with it, many will be starting music lessons again.

It’s worth checking bags and instruments in advance, if you haven’t already. If you find you need accessories such as strings, stands, rosin, cello holes, or even a new bow please give us a call as we have lots of things not on our web shop and can expedite postage or even deliver in person if you’re not too far away.

Strings for smaller bowed instruments can be found here and for larger ones here with stands here.

For everything else call 01787 463039

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We’re Open!

We do our best to act on your requests and, especially as we’ll be closed next weekend from midday Friday, we’re opening today 10am-4pm.

This is a great opportunity for you to pop in to try any of our bowed instruments that are part of our June offer; Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double bass. You can also try any of our in-stock Acoustic guitars, Bass guitar, Classical guitars, Flamenco guitars Gypsy guitars, or Jazz guitars including Connoisseur and Left-Handed instruments.

You can also chat to our pickup expert about the best option for your instrument and arrange a fitting as well as checking out our small selection of gypsy and jazz amps.

You can pick up accessories such as strings, rosin, and cello holes as well as browsing our full range of giftware including some new items not currently on our website that are perfect for Father’s Day such as guitar and violin cufflinks, 3D cards, and even socks :-O

See you soon!

10 - open today