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We’ve included pickups in previous month’s offers when they’ve accompanied the discounted instruments. However, we are not discounting any instruments this month to maximise our donation to Breast Cancer Charity.

That said, we stock pickups for acoustic instruments we don’t carry so we’ve decided to feature some of them as part of Resoctober. If you hadn’t guessed already from the name, we’ve chosen to discount our range of Schatten Design Resonator pickups.

We were delighted to be asked to deliver a couple of these to the Royal Albert Hall to be fitted to two resonators owned by a certain very well-known guitarist so there can be no doubt as to their quality.

Follow the link for October’s Spooktacular Savings…

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Although we published a full list of our monthly offers some time ago, we’ve had some questions about what will follow our current Man’s Life offer. Here’s the full list of the remaining offers for you:

June is bowing out all over as we discount all our bowed instruments, accessories, and related giftware.

July is just about the home as our entire range of homeware is discounted.

August has some classic offers with our entire range of classical guitars, cases, associated pickups and giftware reduced in price.

September is simply pewter and is perfect for you to bag a bargain in English pewter.

October has limited discounts as we will be doing our usual donation of a percentage of our instrument sales for the month to breast cancer charity. But it’s great news for all you Resonator players as, as far as our offer goes, it’s ResOctober with every reso pickup discounted for the month.

November is the last month we’ll have offers so get ready to Deck the Halls as we put our gold, silver, and black coloured Christmas decorations on sale.

Details of the latest offer can always be found here

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