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Neo Jacks

You’ll have seen the term neo-jack when reading our piece on our new non-invasive pickup for Selmer and Maccaferri gypsy guitars.

As they are a feature of all our new Schatten Design pickups we thought we’d better explain what a neo-jack is.

A neo-jack utilises the existing fittings on the instrument – for example the tailpiece fitting on a gypsy, resonator, and archtop guitar, violin, viola, bouzouki, or mandolin – to attach the jack; therefore avoiding the need to drill a hole in the instrument.

It is straightforward to fit and is completely non-invasive. It can be removed and replaced as needed for those not wanting visible jacks when doing an acoustic performance.

Contact us for more details.

New Products

SO Excited-X-pull-upWe’re so excited…
We just can’t hide it…

Now there’s an earworm you’ll struggle to get rid of for the rest of the day šŸ˜‰

Although we’ve had them for a little while now, we’re announcing the formal June UK&I launch of the latest fromĀ Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups Ā – Banjo and Resonator pickups with a microphone.Ā  You’ve been asking for this for a while and one of the joys of dealing with a smaller company is that they listen and develop with you, the customer, in mind.

We thought we’d give ourĀ Blog fans first look at them ahead of the advert, shown in the picture, inĀ June’s edition of Acoustic Magazine. The advert will be easy to find for all you banjo fans as it’ll be with the Magazine’s great editorial piece. So here are the links: BanjoĀ and Resonator