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Backward Day

Did you know that today is known as #BackwardDay?

So, instead of our usual #ThrowbackThursday post we’ve more of a #TriviaThursday one.

Backward Day has a long history that dates to well before its name. In fact most cultures have one day in the year when societal norms are reversed. For example ancient Rome celebrated Saturnalia; a day when gambling was no longer forbidden and the masters spent the day serving their slaves at the high table.

So what’s that got to do with us you ask. Well, as you know, we’ve long been champions of the left-handed player and, at one point, we have four left-handers to two right-handers working at The Old Dairy. However, we know the first thing most right-handers say about our Southpaw Central instruments is that they look backwards. Well, not to a left-hander they don’t 😀

We suggest using Backward Day to celebrate your difference and enjoy playing your backward instrument.

31 - Backward Day