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Play your Ukulele Day

Each year Play Your Ukulele Day gives you a chance to ‘change the world four strings at a time’ by playing your ukulele, sharing it, and teaching others to play. That is, presuming that you own one…

We have toyed with the idea of selling ukuleles many times over the past several years.  We even identified European luthiers with whom to work.  However, with cheap imports starting from as little as £8, it appears there is little interest for quality in this particular market.

One of the reasons luthier-made ukuleles are disproportionately expensive is that it takes almost the same amount of time to lovingly hand craft it as it would a full sized guitar.  However, should you be interested in having a one-off rather than something mass produced please contact us.

Pictured here is a selection of sweet grande bouche ukuleles from the Dupont luthiery.

02 - ukuleles


Play your Ukulele Day

The Ukulele is one of the few mainstream stringed instruments that we do not stock at The Old Dairy. A few years ago we did look into them and found a couple of European luthiers. However, with Chinese mass produced imports being available for as little as £8, our hand-crafted instruments would have been seen as far too expensive.
02 - Ukulele dayShould you have a burning desire to turn your hand to the Ukulele we can get some in for you to try and we also offer our usual build to order service for soprano, tenor, and bass ukes as well as banjoleles and guitarleles. All hand crafted in Europe by first and second generation luthiers.
However, if you want something very distinctive and different we can also offer you a grande bouche ukulele courtesy of the wonderful Maurice Dupont with prices from £700 depending on what woods are used.