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When we’re posting about a specific product we usually share a link to the product page. However, on the times we don’t, you can always shop from our home page.

Each word with a drop down option, as circled in the picture, can either be clicked as is to see all the products in the category or you can click the drop down to select a sub-category. For example clicking instruments will show you all instruments.

Clicking on the drop down arrow will show the sub-categories and you can then choose which one you want to explore.

You can also click on the pictures in the carousel to be taken to the subject matter’s page.

What’s more, if there’s any problems finding something specific you can always give us a call or message us on Facebook and we’ll help you find what you need.

Cyber Monday

30 - cyber mondayToday we have another American import… Cyber Monday.  A day on which mass online shopping is meant to take place. We heard warnings, on the radio earlier, about the dangers of shopping online with the usual “if it looks too good to be true, it usually is” mantra as well as warning people about giving out card details to unsecured sites.

We thought we’d use the opportunity to reassure you that our webshop has the secure World Pay system underpinning it and has more guarantees, as far as your money and details go, than you can shake a stick at.  Plus, when you buy from us you know where your items have been made and, in the case of intruments, by whom. It was not for nothing that we were awarded one of the first Trusted Music Store statuses by the Music Industry Association.  Why not check out our main site whilst you’re here and see what we’re talking about…