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Black Friday

It’ll come as no surprise to regular visitors of this page that we’ve decided not to follow the masses down the Black Friday path; especially given Which has shown that only 5% of the so-called great deals offer lower prices than those found at some point earlier in the year.

Instead, here at Sandarac, we aim to offer good value all year round. Yes, we’ll do an occasional offer or promotion but those are few and far between.

We prefer to do right by our customers all year round. If you buy from us you won’t pay more than if you bought direct from the luthier. If forex means the price to us goes down we’ll pass the saving on to you rather than pocketing the difference.

After all, if a firm can offer you a 70+% discount and not make a loss think about what they make for the rest of the year…

No Black Friday Here!

Unlike most of the UK, which seems to have turned into the US, we are not offering Black Friday deals just all year round good value.

We’re not going as far as some as to advocate today as #BuyNothingDay but neither are we about to over inflate prices so as to be able to do a one day deep discount.

25-no-black-friday-webInstead, we continue to pay our marvellous luthiers a very fair price for their instruments and do our utmost to ensure you pay no more when buying from us than you would if you’d bought direct from them.  Furthermore, when the forex allows, we reduce our prices accordingly and pass the savings on to you, our wonderful customers.  We’d like to think this sort of openness is what has not only allowed us to survive, when many music stores have gone out of business, but has allowed us to build good relationships with our customers such that they keep coming back to us.