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New Product

We’re delighted to announce the addition of Galli Genius Titanio strings to our range.

The Titanio range offers mono-filament titanium nylon for the trebles – delivering a perfect sound at the highest notes – and silver plated copper wire wound on the multifilament core and the special “ProCoated” treatment of the basses.

The Genius range of classical and flamenco strings, from Italian maker Galli Strings, are an excellent low to mid-price choice delivering a consistent, warm, bright tone with round and precise high notes and rich, deep, lows. Designed by, and with professional players in mind, the Procoated/EWC technology strikes the right balance between excellent tonal quality and optimum string life. A thin film protects the string against natural oils, sweat, and atmospheric agents and does not affect the timbre or the ‘feel’ of the string. The Electronic Winding Controlled (EWC) Process ensures that the same pressure and tension is applied to the whole length of the string, resulting in consistent quality and balance in every string, in every set, every time.

In the words of Nazzareno Zacconni – “…I use Galli strings because they give me the right elasticity, playability and a sound rich in harmonics and sustain. Galli strings have a long life and are able to keep the pitch well after tuning. …the best choice for studio and live performances”.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Galli strings including Classical, Flamenco, Gypsy Jazz, Jazz Archtop Flat and Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings for your playing pleasure.

Galli Strings. Pure Genius. Why not give them a try? You can check the new ones out here and our full range here.