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10th Anniversary Offers

10th Anniversary Offers As you know by now we’re doing a different offer each month for 10 months this year to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. These offers include products never before discounted and this month’s includes a product never before offered. 04 - bass clef cufflinksWe used to stock English pewter bass clef cufflinks until our maker in Devon stopped producing them. However, we couldn’t let April pass by without ensuring we had some cufflinks for you so we have found some lovely enamel bass clefs from a maker in Poole which we hope you’ll like. These are new to us and being sold straight off at the discounted price of £14.99. Check them out here.  Please note: as they are new to us we only have a small initial quantity with which to test the water, so to speak, so it will be a case of first come first served at the discounted price.

New Products

SO Excited-X-pull-upWe’re so excited…
We just can’t hide it…

Now there’s an earworm you’ll struggle to get rid of for the rest of the day 😉

Although we’ve had them for a little while now, we’re announcing the formal June UK&I launch of the latest from Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups  – Banjo and Resonator pickups with a microphone.  You’ve been asking for this for a while and one of the joys of dealing with a smaller company is that they listen and develop with you, the customer, in mind.

We thought we’d give our Blog fans first look at them ahead of the advert, shown in the picture, in June’s edition of Acoustic Magazine. The advert will be easy to find for all you banjo fans as it’ll be with the Magazine’s great editorial piece. So here are the links: Banjo and Resonator