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New pickup

Last week, when we said we were now fully back in stock for Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups, we said we also had something new for you

Any of you who check our website regularly  will have spotted that it snuck out onto the front page last night ahead of today’s announcement.

6 - LP-15 webThe shiny new LP-15  has been specially designed for small sized soundboard instruments and is amongst the smallest, thinnest, lightest, lowest profile, easily installed soundboard pickups available on the market today. What’s more it they’re available at an very affordable price.

We have already had some great reports about these flexible little pickups from a wide variety of sources; from percussive-style steel string players to ukulele ensembles. We think you’ll like them too.

Happy Saint David’s Day

It’s a new month and with it comes something new from us.  No, it’s not the Welsh flag guitar shown, but we are reinstating The Old Dairy blog.

It will be a mixture of news, views, product reviews, pictures from shows, birthday tributes, and occasionally just plain ramblings about stuff like the weather, the lavender hens, and what’s going on at The Old Dairy.

Hope you enjoy it!

01 - st David's day