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Nail Kit Update

For those of you ordering regularly, you’ll notice a few changes to your next kit. Here are the changes, and why we made them.

Premium Nail Oil Bottles. You reported that the glass bottles we used occasionally got broken in the post. We’ve changed the bottle to a recyclable plastic one with an integral dropper. For those of you who collect in person we still have a couple of glass bottles if you would prefer them.

Leather Pouch. We’ve changed from the ‘squeeze to open’ pouch to a bigger one with multiple zipped compartments. We changed the pouch as we think this gives you greater flexibility to store and access the components you want.

Emery Boards. We discovered our supplier was ordering in from China and reselling so we’ve changed supplier to a UK manufacturer. The new two tone boards are 180 grit and therefore rougher than our previous ones. However, because they’re shorter we’re enclosing two rather than one with the kits at no extra cost to you.

As always, because these kits are assembled by us, you can give us a call to customise them. Full details are available in our Web Shop