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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the 21st of June and, whilst that might seem a long time away we would advise ordering early. This is for two reasons: a) the local post offices are on very reduced hours meaning orders may not leave on the same day they’re posted and b) letters/parcels are not being delivered on a daily basis in many areas.

We’ve lots of gifts suitable for a musically inclined Dad so book your appointment to browse in person or have a look at our online shop here.

Stock Update

We updated the webshop as soon as we got back from the fair on Friday. However, this close to Christmas we will be unlikely to be able to replenish the out of stock items in time, even though our suppliers are UK-based.

Socks were really popular with the guitar ones selling out. We only have one of the Foot Notes pair left.

The iPad case (fits other tablets too) proved popular too. We only have our display one left. Give us a call if you want it and we’ll take a little off the price for you.

Jewellery was also popular and several items are down to the last one but nothing other than the blue stoned brooch and violin & cello charms have completely sold out.

Scented candles went, especially the smaller ones, with only one or two left.
If in doubt about any item, give us a call.

Click here for the full range of gifts.

Postage on small giftware

For those of you not close enough to collect in person buying from our range of small giftware can result in an expensive p&p bill; sometimes costing more than the item itself.

Sadly, we cannot do anything about Royal Mail prices but we do have the following solutions for you:

Club together with friends and family to purchase several items. The p&p will be the same whether you purchase one item or many thereby reducing the p&p per item when purchasing several together.

Give us a call to discuss other postage options. If you don’t need it quickly we can send it second class. Also, as we are often out and about for instrument deliveries, you may be fortunate enough to be close enough to a scheduled delivery for a personal drop thereby reducing p&p to a notional charge.

Sandarac Productions: The Floyd Effect is on tour around the country. Check their tour schedule here and then call us to arrange to collect at the show.

In summary, don’t let the Post Office charges put you off as we’re here to help.

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