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Last Few Left

You’ve certainly taken our plea to shop early for #ValentinesDay to heart. So much so that we now have very limited stock of some of your favourite items. Here’s what’s running low so you don’t miss out…

Heart of Clefs Pendant – always a firm favourite and there’s only two left.

Heart of Clefs Earrings – a new favourite with you and we’ve three pairs only left in stock.

Heart notes bone china mug – just two now left.

Unisex Eau de Parfum – last few left.

Wine Stopper – only one beamed semi-quaver left, the rest have sold out.

Of course, we’ve lots of other lovely gifts and you can check out the full range here

*Please note this is a composite image and items shown are not to scale.

Unintended Consequences

It’s interesting how TV ads can have an unintended knock-on effect.

Amazon have been pushing early Christmas hard recently and it seems you’ve been taking their message to heart… on our online shop 😉😮😁

As most of our giftware is made in very small batches here in the UK we can normally replenish stock quite quickly. However, many of our small makers are either furloughed or not able to work from home so it will vary as to how quickly/easily we’ll be able to restock ahead of Christmas.

As such, if you haven’t already done so, we really do recommend shopping early for Christmas this year.

Here to serve you

The government seems hell bent on pushing us into another #lockdown and, with it, further into economic recession.

Despite this, we will do our utmost to continue to bring you the best from European luthiers, quality hand-made pickups from France and Canada, great strings from European makers, and giftware (mostly – i.e. over 90%) from the UK (we have one item from Germany and another from the US).

Visit our online shop here or give us a call to arrange your appointment to visit our bricks and mortar shop.