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Music and Mental Health

Our penultimate post in our #WednesdayWisdom series on how music is good for you is that music elevates mental health

Studies have shown that musicians are more focused and less prone to aggression, depression, and anger than non-musicians. In fact, creating music seems to prime their brains for heightened emotional control and concentration.

03 - mental health webIn one study, researchers examined brain scans of children aged 6 to 18. Those who played an instrument had a thicker brain cortex in regions that regulate emotions, anxiety levels, and the capacity to pay attention (meaning they had superior abilities in these areas).

Other studies confirm what most of us know instinctively, that music also relieves stress. In other words, musicians may suffer from fewer stress-related psychological and physical symptoms, including burnout, headaches, high blood pressure, and lower immune function.

Why not get your instrument out the next time you’re feeling stressed after a hard day at work and try it for yourself?