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Reminder: Open By Appointment

Where circumstances allow we are more than happy to open for you out of hours evenings and weekends.

We ask, though, that you give us a bit of notice. Ringing at 2pm on a Saturday to ask whether we’ll open for you on a day when we’ve not previously arranged to be open may, sadly, result in us having to disappoint you as staff may not be available at such short notice.

As you know by now Sandarac is run by musicians for musicians and our staff are often on the road performing; which is why we’re not open regularly at weekends. With a bit of notice we can arrange for cover for the day or find a mutually convenient time

In addition, if you’re planning to visit us during the week – especially if it’s to try an instrument – we ask that you give us a quick call. There are several reasons for this request. Firstly, we can ensure we’re not out delivering orders or doing the Post Office run when you arrive. Secondly, we can get the instruments ready for you. Also, if there’s one you particularly want to try, and we don’t have it in stock, we can call the luthier to see if he has one. Finally, and possibly most importantly , we can ensure we have fresh milk for the tea & coffee and that the biscuit tin is well stocked ☕️

28 - by appointment