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Using the C-Word

Although we loathe swearing at people we feel it’s time to mention the C-word again… Christmas.

Yes, really, there are just 80 days until Christmas and, excluding the fact that our webshop is open 24/7, that means you’ve a mere 11 working weeks to get organised and find those special gifts for the music lovers in your life.

You know where we’re going with this by now… our #WednesdayWisdom post is a shameless plug for our Giftware range.  But, come on, you can’t blame us; especially given over 90% of our products are made right here in the UK with the remainder being made in Germany.

We apply the same rigour to our giftware that we do with our instruments.  We have even delisted popular products when the supplier has moved production to the far east rather than continue to supply something that was only previously Made in Britain.  Whether it’s lapel pins, bookmarks, ceramics, jewellery, or sculptures you can buy from us with confidence.  Even our lowly tea towels are made in a heritage cotton mill in Accrington that currently weaves for the National Gallery :-O  Yes, we know you can find similar items on the internet for less but check the source and you’ll generally find it’s come in from the far east or, if purchased from a UK merchant, it will have been made in China.
Click here to go directly to our webshop.  Alternatively you are welcome to drop into The Old Dairy and browse our range in person.


Be Heard Day

Today is International Be Heard Day.  Given we’re purveyors of finely crafted European instruments you’d think this wouldn’t be a problem.

However, as a small, independent, music company it is often difficult to compete against the likes of Amazon, and other internet based companies, whilst maintaining our integrity and keeping to our company philosophy of nothing made in the East and supporting local companies, luthiers, and makers.

07 - Be Heard DayThis day was created for the likes of us as a way of celebrating small, local, businesses; especially those supporting other small businesses rather than merely trading mass produced goods from elsewhere.

We consider ourselves fortunate that we have wonderful customers and clients who agree with our philosophy and love that we know each of our luthiers and makers personally. We back this up with our giftware, 90% of which is made in England (with the remaining 10% coming from Germany), applying the same rigorous standards in terms of manufacturing as we do for our instruments to the extent that we have delisted popular lines when the company has moved manufacturing to the Far East.

We do have one notable exception to our made in Europe rule and that is our Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups which are made in Canada.  Given their attention to detail and superb quality, reproducing an authentic acoustic sound through an amp, we are delighted to make an exception for them.

We are Sandarac – hear us roar!

Valentine’s Day

With less than a week before Valentine’s Day we thought we’d better remind you about the joys of using the Royal Mail for delivery.
Whilst we send most things out First Class signed for some smaller items, such as book marks and keyrings, are simply uneconomic to send this way as the postage would end up doubling the price of the item.  We are therefore recommending the following to ensure your gifts arrive in time for the special day:

– Larger items (£20 or more) – sent 1st Class Signed For – last day for ordering Thursday 11th Feb.

– Small items (less than £20) – sent 1st Class – last day for ordering Wednesday 10th Feb.

You are more than welcome to visit us at The Old Dairy in person but please be aware that we are open on Saturday by appointment only so please call in advance.

08 - heart of clefsPlease note that due to its popularity we now only have one of our Heart of Clefs left so if you were thinking of ordering that we suggest you do it sooner rather than later.  Just click the link here to go straight to the specific web shop page:  Alternatively, click here to browse our entire range of Made in the UK and Made in Europe gifts.