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New Product

New Product now in!

For those of you who want a non-invasive pickup for Selmer or Maccaferri type Gypsy guitars – and didn’t want the bulk of the authentic Stimer pickup – we now have a solution; the Schatten S4 Pickup

The S-4 pickup for Selmer instruments combines a pair of S-4 sensors with the new, non-invasive, Neo-Jack ( a standard 1/4″ output jack) which mounts just behind the tailpiece using existing mounting screws. The two sensors adhere to the top of the guitar just behind the bridge and directly over the bracing for the bridge box. As a result, response and feedback rejection are both excellent. The Neo-Jack easily mounts just behind the tailpiece using two of the existing tailpiece mounting screws. Everything is prewired and ready to go. There are no holes to drill. All you’ll need is is a small phillips screwdriver to complete installation. Simples, eh?

Maccaferri Guitar

Although you would normally associate the name Mario Maccaferri with grande bouche gypsy guitars, we thought you might find this picture of a petite bouche interesting.

Not only is it signed on the top but it has an inlaid wooden finger plate.

We don’t have a date for this instrument but suspect it is from the early 30s when he was experimenting with his design.


07 - maccaferri guitar