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Backward Day

Did you know that today is known as #BackwardDay?

So, instead of our usual #ThrowbackThursday post we’ve more of a #TriviaThursday one.

Backward Day has a long history that dates to well before its name. In fact most cultures have one day in the year when societal norms are reversed. For example ancient Rome celebrated Saturnalia; a day when gambling was no longer forbidden and the masters spent the day serving their slaves at the high table.

So what’s that got to do with us you ask. Well, as you know, we’ve long been champions of the left-handed player and, at one point, we have four left-handers to two right-handers working at The Old Dairy. However, we know the first thing most right-handers say about our Southpaw Central instruments is that they look backwards. Well, not to a left-hander they don’t 😀

We suggest using Backward Day to celebrate your difference and enjoy playing your backward instrument.

31 - Backward Day

Southpaw Central

#DidYouKnow we launched Southpaw Central five years ago yesterday? Where has the time gone?

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you a little of the background to why we launched the collection. With 50% of the senior team and 2/3rds of the sales assistants being left-handed we were acutely aware of the problems left-handers have finding instruments. One of our left-handed assistant gave up playing left-handed and ‘conformed’ to a right-handed world because of the scarcity and cost of left-handed instruments.

We therefore decided from the beginning to charge NO extra for left-handed instruments and then took the decision to become THE stop for quality hand-crafted European-made instruments.

We’ve subsequently built up a collection dedicated to left-handers ranging from the eminently affordable Lugnas acoustic and classical guitars, to Dupont’s MD100 Gaucher and we had, for a short while, Catherwood’s only left-handed guitar – the Ciotógach – as well as Alan Miller’s fan-fretted baritone and grand concert guitars.

In addition we’ve had Maurice Dupont make a number of left-handed guitars to order and there’s almost always a Stimer gaucher in The Old Dairy. We even had a Stimer made for a left-handed player who played a right-handed instrument upside down. This is the advantage of working with individual luthiers who lovingly hand-craft their instruments – everything is a one-of-a-kind and therefore nothing is too much trouble.

Remember, left-handers are the only people in their right minds and the really smart ones come to Southpaw Central!

13 - southpaw

Happy Left Handers Day

We don’t usually post on a Sunday but there was no way we’d miss celebrating Left-Hander’s Day.

Did you know at one point 80% of Sandarac’s staff were left-handed That’s pretty amazing when you consider that lefties only make up around 10% of the general population.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that we champion left-handers and probably have the largest collection of European hand-crafted left-handed instruments in stock (although somewhat depleted at the moment as both the blonde Tarragona classical and acoustic guitars and the Alan Miller fan fret are awaiting replacement). What’s more, being entirely hand-made, we can get our guitars made left-handed at no extra cost.

What’s more even one of our luthiers, Maurice Dupont, is left handed. We always try to keep a gaucher in stock together with the Stimer Gaucher.

The picture is from the launch of Southpaw Central at the London Acoustic Guitar Show five years ago

13 - left handers day