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Offer Ends tomorrow

Yes, really. Our March offer on all women’s jewellery comes to an end at close of business tomorrow which means there’s not long left to bag a bargain and get ahead for birthdays, anniversaries, exams rewards, graduation presents, or even Christmas – for the more organised of you.

Don’t worry, though, whilst this offer is drawing to a close another starts on April 1st; and it’s no joke! April’s offer is all about the bass and, as with our other offers celebrating our 10th Anniversary, we’re including things never before discounted. We’ll publish full details in the days to come.

30 - march ends tomorrow


The first of our ten 10th Anniversary Offers ends on Tuesday 28th February but the good news is that our next offer will start on March 1st.

Whilst February has been about fragrance, with our Eau de Parfum and scented candles on offer, March has mothers in mind with our entire jewellery range reduced in price; something we’ve never done before.

Naturally, you don’t have to take advantage of this offer solely for Mother’s Day, you can stock up on our UK-made jewellery for birthdays, anniversaries, or even make a head start on Christmas :O

24 - Feb-Mar black