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Colder Weather

You can’t have missed the fact that the temperature has dropped with some areas beginning to get overnight frosts. So we thought it was time to use a #WednesdayWisdom post to remind you not to leave your instruments in your vehicle overnight.

We are fortunate in that the woods in all our instruments are well seasoned for a minimum of ten years with most having a good number of decades under there belts. Sadly, this isn’t true of all instruments. Furthermore, some lacquers can shrink and harden as the temperature drops and, when the wood doesn’t shrink at the same rate, the result can be heart-breaking.

However, being a company by musicians for musicians, we know there are times when you simply cannot avoid leaving your instrument in a cold vehicle. In these situations we recommend the following:
– ensure it is kept in a hard case; gig bags do not afford the same protection.
– wrap the case in a couple of blankets or a sleeping bag. This will provide additional insulation and help to stop the instrument from freezing.
– when taking it out from the vehicle, leave it in its case wrapped in blankets to allow it to equilibrate with the room temperature before taking it out to play. This is especially important with cheaper instruments but is still worth doing for quality ones.

It’s warm out there!

Unusually for a Bank Holiday the weather over the weekend was hot and sunny.

It’s been interesting how many of the visitors to The Old Dairy have commented how cool it is inside. In fact, it’s not that cold in here, we simply aim to keep the showroom at a relatively constant temperature and humidity for the benefit of the instruments.

As always, given the current weather, we recommend you take extra care of your instruments. This is particularly important if you have instruments using kiln-dried wood rather than the well-aged, traditionally seasoned, woods used by our luthiers.

It’s a good idea to try to do the following:
– Keep your instruments out of direct sunlight and away from hot humid areas.
– Keep your instruments in their cases as much as possible and ensure you dry out the silica gel packs we include regularly.
– Try not to leave your instruments in the car

We’ve done several #WednesdayWisdom posts in the past on caring for your instrument during this weather. Just click on ‘Posts’ to the left and enter humid in the search box on the right to find them.

Hot hot hot!

It might be hot outside but it’s nice and cool in The Old Dairy; the perfect temperature at which to keep our instruments.

We know we’ve said this many times before but, given the current temperatures, it’s worth a repeat #WednesdayWisdom post: look after your instruments!

One rule of thumb we often use is to treat your instrument as you would a pet. During this hot spell car interiors can heat up to temperatures much higher than the outside and you certainly wouldn’t leave your pet in the baking hot car so don’t leave your instrument in there either.

Visitors to The Old Dairy recently will have noticed that, at certain times of the day, we keep the blinds down in the showroom. This is for two reasons: firstly to keep the temperature down and secondly to stop the strong sunlight from hitting the instruments. The more eagle eyed of them will have spotted a portable dehumidifier; being on a farm, it can get a little humid and we aim to keep the level in The Old Dairy constant.

We strongly advise people to keep their instruments in their cases whenever possible as this gives an added layer of protection as well as keeping them in a cool room away from strong sunlight and high humidity.

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