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It’s warm out there!

Unusually for a Bank Holiday the weather over the weekend was hot and sunny.

It’s been interesting how many of the visitors to The Old Dairy have commented how cool it is inside. In fact, it’s not that cold in here, we simply aim to keep the showroom at a relatively constant temperature and humidity for the benefit of the instruments.

As always, given the current weather, we recommend you take extra care of your instruments. This is particularly important if you have instruments using kiln-dried wood rather than the well-aged, traditionally seasoned, woods used by our luthiers.

It’s a good idea to try to do the following:
– Keep your instruments out of direct sunlight and away from hot humid areas.
– Keep your instruments in their cases as much as possible and ensure you dry out the silica gel packs we include regularly.
– Try not to leave your instruments in the car

We’ve done several #WednesdayWisdom posts in the past on caring for your instrument during this weather. Just click on ‘Posts’ to the left and enter humid in the search box on the right to find them.

Instrument Care

After a hot weekend the temperature seems to have settled back into the 20s. Despite the drop in temperature, humidity has stayed at higher levels so we thought this was a good time to remind you to take extra care with your instruments.

First and foremost don’t leave them in full sun, or in the car, for long periods of time. Even though, unlike cheaper instruments, all ours are made from timbers that have been seasoned traditionally for the requisite amount of time (meaning they are unlikely to warp or split) you should still respect the years of seasoning and months of craftsmanship that has gone into it and treat it accordingly. That way it will stay in perfect condition for decades to come.

Next, keep them in their cases as much as possible. It’s worth checking the silica gel packs and drying them out regularly this time of year. [You can dry them by placing them in an oven after you’ve finished cooking and turned the heat off.]

Lastly, remember to wipe the instrument down when you’ve finished playing it. We supply a cloth in the case with every instrument we sell so you’re guaranteed to have one. Wiping the instrument down helps to keep the strings in good condition and protects the instrument too.


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