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Ditching big brands

We were reading the Music Industry News the other day when one piece caught our eye; some music retailers are ditching some of the biggest names in the business.

Part of the rationale given for this was that some are now charging smaller retailers more than the recommended selling price.  Another was that cheap internet sales were undercutting their prices to the extent that they could no longer compete.

We’ve certainly seen the effect on music shops as, especially over the last few years, we’ve seen many go out of business.

We’ve also seen the rise of ‘no-name’ (and sometimes recognised, but not as made in China, names) brands coming in where the only thing that matters is the price.

We took the decision from the beginning that we would not try to compete with those selling brands available everywhere and chose to work with individual luthiers to promote their instruments; thereby securing exclusivity agreements such that, in the UK and Ireland, you can buy from us or direct from the luthier.  Using this model we’ve been able to bring you, the customer, great quality instruments at the same price as you would pay if purchased direct from the luthier coupled with a high level of personalised customer service.  We extended that philosophy to our pickups and amps, again working closely with our friends in Dupont and Schatten Design to bring you the best, unique, pickups on the market.

This was a lengthy article full of nuances out of which we’ve taken one or two points but you are welcome to read the full thing on Music Industry News.

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August Offer

Although we’re barely half way through our July offer on homeware, we thought we’d remind you that August’s offer will be featuring our classical guitars together with accessories.

We have some great provenance on our classical instruments from 3rd and 4th generation Spanish luthiers (whose g.grandfather made guitars for the legendary Barrios and who recently celebrated their centenary) to 2nd generation Swedish luthier to Cremonese trained luthiers working for a company started back in 1924 using spruce cut from the same forest as Stradivari.

For the very first time we will be offering discounts on ALL our classical guitars including our simply stunning RSC – never before included in an offer.

As this offer will apply to in-stock instruments only and, with each being individually luthier-made, it will be a case of first come, first served, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. If you know what you want, but will be unable to get to us in time to take advantage of the offer, we will hold the instrument off-sale on payment of a deposit.

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