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Tea Towels

Although not strictly a #ThrowbackThursday post, this item is made in a Heritage Mill that makes fabric for the National Gallery so we think it counts.

We introduced a tea towel to the homewares section of our giftware range. After all, you have the mugs and spoons so why not something with which to dry them 😉

You have no idea how difficult it was to find something as simple as a tea towel that didn’t come out of the Far East.  We were beginning to feel like dragon hunters; seeking a mythical beast that simply didn’t exist. But then we found a Heritage Mill in Accrington that is producing fabrics so traditional that the National Gallery are using them.

10 - tea towel webThe tea towel is 100% cotton and is a generous 30”x19” (76×48 cm) and is completely covered by the signature Adagio sheet music – you could even try playing it! – and has a handy loop on the back for hanging (unlike many modern ones).

The downside of all this is that it is a little more expensive than the ones you find in poundland, however we still think his represents good value for money at only £8 (+p&p where applicable).  Click here to go to the webshop page.

Preserving Heritage

With the senior team in Cognac we thought we’d make today’s #TuesdayTrivia about Maurice Dupont.

28 - busatoDid you know that, as well as making and maintaining all the Rheinhardt family instruments, he is passionately committed to preserving the gypsy jazz heritage.  So much so that, to protect the name and reputation of some of the most iconic marques, he owns the Busato and Stimer brands as well as crafting Di Mauro, Selmer, and Maccaferri types; thereby ensuring they are preserved for posterity with traditional craftsmanship.

Although we don’t have a Busato Royale, or any Stimer amps for that matter, in stock at the moment we are expecting them in when our team returns from Cognac