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#DidYouKnow today was #HelloDay?

It was originally set up to emphasise the fact that conflicts should be resolved through talking rather than by force. However, we love the fact that its objective is to greet at least 10 people today (okay, its meant to be verbally but unless you pop into the store or call us it’s not going to happen) so “Hello!” to all of our wonderful followers.

Hello February

A new week and a new month, hopefully with fewer deaths, so we thought we would kick off with something a little more uplifting.

Hello/Lacrimosa is a musical experiment bridging 18th century spiritualism and 21st century secularism. Imagine Mozart and Adele in the same room in an intense co-write session, quill and pen in hand, respectively. Picturing this hypothetical hangout helped to spark the creative combination of the two – enjoy!