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Just Ask

Our #WednesdayWisdom today is really very simple – just ask!

19-just-askBecause all of our instruments are individually hand-crafted we can arrange for changes to be made; often for little or no extra charge.  See something you like but want it left-handed?  Not a problem and no extra charge!  Like a particular instrument design but want a particular wood?  Not a problem but may incur extra cost depending on the wood.

We have had Stimer pickups taylor-made for a specific customer’s needs and pickups fitted inside bridges so they are pretty much invisible to the eye.

So next time you think to yourself “I wish they had that in…” just give us a call and we can almost certainly make that happen for you.


Here at The Old Dairy we are firm believers in matching the right instrument to the player; even if that means recommending something we do not stock and losing the sale.

It is for that reason that we do not sell to raw beginners; suggesting instead that they find a cheap second-hand instrument to use until they’re certain this is what they want.

Our range of hand-crafted, great value, European instruments therefore appeals to the improver, the seasoned player, and the professional alike.  However, it is to the improver that we think we can offer the most as we will listen to what they play, their playing style, and get to understand where they want to go with the instrument before making our recommendation; whereas the seasoned player or professional will pretty much know what they want before they even enter the showroom.

Our #WednesdayWisdom, therefore, is aimed at the person looking for their first quality instrument.  Even if you don’t come to us, go to an independent music shop where you can try a number of instruments at leisure and without a salesman pressuring you to buy.  Ask questions about the instrument; who made it and where, what woods were used, what’s the difference in tonality with the different woods?  Also, be prepared to answer questions about yourself; what do you like to play, what’s your playing style, what are your expectations musically speaking?  If you don’t get that level of service from your local store, and you can’t get to us, give us a call and we’ll do a phone interview with you and arrange a deposit and drop in which you can try a couple of instruments at home – contact us for details.

Watch this space as we’ve something special coming soon for the improvers…

03 - 5 days to go

Violin Day

We don’t usual do retrospective posts but we couldn’t let the fact that yesterday was Violin Day pass without saying something.

14 - violinDating from the 16th century, the violin appeals to soloists, small groups, and large ensembles and orchestras alike. It crosses many genres from classical to jazz, from folk to rock, and most points inbetween.  It’s easy for children to start playing but takes years to truly master; as many a parent will testify.

For those wanting upgrade from a cheaper instrument such as a Stentor, have a second instrument, or simply a new one we offer handmade violins modelled on the 1716 Stradivari.  Using traditionally seasoned timber from the Orpheus Valley, the same place Stradivari sourced his from, Cremonese trained master luthiers lovingly handcraft these instruments using the same techniques as their forebears. Starting from only £649 inc VAT these quality European-made instruments are perfect for improvers and above. You can check them out here.