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Hand-crafted to Order

15 - web custom orderWhilst we keep a range of instruments in stock, one of the advantages of working closely with our wonderful luthiers is that we can offer a build to order service.

Have you fallen in love with a guitar but want it made from a different wood? Want one of our guitars made left-handed, or one of our exclusive Southpaw Central ones right-handed? Do you have a yearning for a particular wood…?

Ordering your bespoke guitar is very simple… just call us. We will listen to your requests and ask a number of questions to ensure the instrument is make to your exact requirement. The instrument will then be commissioned upon receipt of the deposit. Depending on your request, the instrument will take between 3-6 months to be lovingly hand-crafted.

Another reason for contacting us direct is that the luthier may already have an instrument in the precise configuration that you’re interested in. By asking the question, we can find out whether they have one already, or are in the process of making one, thereby ensuring you get your guitar as soon as possible.

Play your Ukulele Day

The Ukulele is one of the few mainstream stringed instruments that we do not stock at The Old Dairy. A few years ago we did look into them and found a couple of European luthiers. However, with Chinese mass produced imports being available for as little as £8, our hand-crafted instruments would have been seen as far too expensive.
02 - Ukulele dayShould you have a burning desire to turn your hand to the Ukulele we can get some in for you to try and we also offer our usual build to order service for soprano, tenor, and bass ukes as well as banjoleles and guitarleles. All hand crafted in Europe by first and second generation luthiers.
However, if you want something very distinctive and different we can also offer you a grande bouche ukulele courtesy of the wonderful Maurice Dupont with prices from £700 depending on what woods are used.


Our #WednesdayWisdom today is about time and timing.

However, we’re not talking about music timing and time signatures but the time you can expect to wait for an instrument.

If you take an instrument from stock then you can have it pretty much immediately.  In fact, if you call into The Old Dairy to buy it you can walk out with it there and then.

If it is something we don’t currently have in stock we can contact our luthiers and see whether they have one in their showroom.  In which case you need to allow a week or so for us to receive it, check it over to ensure it hasn’t been damaged in transit, and then get it to you.

23-worth-the-waitHowever, because we work closely with our wonderful luthiers you have the option of having pretty much whatever you want hand-crafted to order.  Should you decide to take this route then you’ll need to be patient as it’ll take a minimum of three months to lovingly create your instrument.

This means if you are thinking of getting an instrument for Christmas it is too late to have one made to order and you will need to take one from stock.  The good news is that, as with previous years, we will hold it for you at The Old Dairy up to Friday December 23rd (24th by prior arrangement only).