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Fully Stocked!

We’re delighted to be back to full stock!

With nail salons closed we noticed the increase in orders for our great value Nail Care Kits and started to run low on some components*. Thanks to our wonderful UK-based suppliers we’re now fully stocked and can supply you with full and top-up kits.

* We have had a couple of requests for custom kits. Because we assemble them ourselves from the component parts we’re able to provide this service for you. However, the cost may vary from the standard kit. Just give us a call and tell us what you need.

Please Note: as new stock of components arrives the shape and colour of some items may vary from those shown in the picture, or received previously, but rest assured you’ll always get the same quantity of great quality supplies.

Nail Care Kits

You asked and we listened…

You told us that you didn’t need a pouch each time you purchased a kit so we now have a top up kit for you that contains everything except the pouch. The top up kit is really good value for money retailing as it does for only £16. You can order either here.

16 - Nail KitWe’ve also listened to your comments about the leather pouch included with the full kit and improved that too. Rather than have a single compartment our pouches now have four separate ones; a larger central compartment – for the oil, gel overlay, and gel activator – plus three smaller ones allowing you to keep the emery board, buffer, orange sticks, lint, and silk separate. Unlike other companies where “new improved” equals more expensive or cost reduced, our new bigger pouch will be included in all future nail care kits at no extra cost 😀

Please note: the colour of the files and bottles may be different from those pictured but the contents and quality will remain the same.