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Hot Club Jazz

We thought we’d share a bit of Hot Club Jazz for today’s #ThrowbackThursday blog post.  We love that this 1939 footage is pure acoustic with Stephane Grappelli on violin and Django Reinhardt on his Selmer guitar backed up with two grande bouche Maccaferris and a double bass (all of which are very conveniently available from The Old Dairy 😉 )  Enjoy!

Ukulele Day

Today is Play Your Ukulele Day.  Each year this special day gives you a chance to ‘change the world four strings at a time’ by playing your uke, sharing it, and teaching others to play. That is, presuming that you own one…

02 - UkuleleWith cheap mass produced Ukes for as little as £8-12 we’ve tended to shy away from them.  However, Maurice Dupont produces perfect miniature Ukulele versions of his grand bouche, petite bouche, and f-hole jazz guitars which are – as you’d expect – simply stunning.  However, it takes almost as much work to hand craft these miniature masterpieces as it does to make a full size one and this is reflected in the price.

We can also get some rather lovely Portuguese made Ukes.  There is a story that the Hawaiian Ukulele is derived from a Portuguese folk instrument and, when you see them side by side, you can see why.  Again, the hand crafting comes at a price.

As such we only do Ukuleles as build to order and we do not keep them in stock.  Contact us for more details.
We do, however, keep some Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups for Ukuleles in stock and you can buy them by clicking the link here.


For #ThrowbackThursday today we’re celebrating master luthier Mario Maccaferri whose unorthodox design has become iconic.

14 - mario maccaferriCommercialised by manufacturer Selmer between 1932-34, and hence frequently known as the Selmer Maccaferri, the grande bouche was designed to accommodate Macceferri’s patented internal resonator.  However due to rattles and buzzes (thought to be down to a production error) most were removed by the players.

Although Maccaferri broke his ties with Selmer in 1934, Selmer continued to manufacture the iconic guitar 1952.  The Maccaferri grande bouche was, and is, the standard instrument for the gypsy rhythm guitarist and was used in Django’s Quintette du Hot Club de France.  Gypsy jazz players usually couple the guitar with light, silver-plated, copper-wound Argentine strings made by Savarez (call us to buy)

Please note that whilst none of our Dupont Maccaferri guitars come fitted with a resonator box, should you want to reproduce the original “original” design, Maurice will make a Maccaferri with one for you.  Click the link to view in stock models, others are available on request: http://www.sandarac.co.uk/gypsy-guitars/50/

The picture is of Mario Maccaferri playing his creation.