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Making the most of your calendar

Following on from last week’s #WednesdayWisdom, as part of #GOMonth, we’re building on our tips/life hacks for getting organised.

Last week we recommended you stick to one calendar. Today we’re helping you make the most of it.

To prevent things sneaking up on you, especially if using a weekly view, we recommend putting reminders on your calendar ahead of the event. For example, it’s well worth making a note on the calendar on a Friday if you’re playing on a Monday or Tuesday as it gives you the weekend to sort the music into the set list order, check over kit, change strings, etc. And, if you need more time for these things, simply put the reminder further ahead.

Setting reminders ahead of time is especially pertinent if you have to prepare things well in advance such as checking contracts, parking arrangements, booking hotels, or simply getting directions. Put reminders in sufficiently well ahead so you’ll have time to complete the tasks without the last minute stress. What’s more, if you’re feeling super organised, you can always colour co-ordinate the tasks you have to do regularly so you can see at a glance what needs doing when.

Finally, if you struggle to find the time to practice regularly, schedule some time in your calendar and set an alarm (or highlight it if you’re still using paper) to remind yourself.


It’s been our experience over the years that musicians aren’t always the most organised of people. We therefore thought we’d use the fact that January is #GetOrganisedMonth to share some tips, or life hacks, with you to help you be a little more organised.
We’re starting you off with a simple one today and will continue to share more as part of our #WednesdayWisdom slot during January.

Our first tip is genuinely simple, honest, and that is to use only one calendar. Choose the one that works best for you: one on your computer, your smart phone, a paper one on your desk, or a family one hung up in the home. Then get rid of all your other calendars and use just that one to record and keep track of everything.

If you’re maintaining more than one schedule, such as your band’s as well as your personal one, use different coloured inks, fonts, or categories to record information for each individual or group.
If your smart phone allows it, and you prefer your computer calendar, ensure that sync it regularly. If you’re wedded to paper but need it with you when you’re out and about take a picture of the month with your phone so you have it as a reference.

But, whatever you choose to use, make sure you update it regularly, make changes as soon as you’re notified, and be sure to delete anything that’s cancelled.

Getting Organised

The Old Dairy is looking a little duller now that the Christmas decorations are down and some of the shelves are looking a little bare too after the Christmas fair and orders.

Getting The Dairy organised again reminded us that January is #GetOrganisedMonth so we’ve decided to dedicate our #WednesdayWisdom posts for the month to helping you do just that.

Join us tomorrow, and every Wednesday in January, to read our tips (or life hacks if you prefer the modern parlance).