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Friday Feature

With our flash sale on our wonderful Irish-made Catherwood guitars starting at midnight we thought we’d feature the instruments and give you a few facts about what makes these guitars so special.

Their USP is the fact that every piece of wood used to create these stunning instruments is taken from trees that have either naturally fallen or have been felled for reasons of circumstance.  None are harvested specifically for their wood.

What’s more, other than the ‘Road to Nowhere’ spruce, every tree was grown in Ireland or, in the case of the quilted mahogany, recovered from Ireland.

Skilled luthiery together with unique combinations of wood have led to the creation of a number of stunning instruments; not just in looks but sound too.

Contact us today to book an appointment to try one of these stunning guitars and save yourself 17% in the process.

16 - Catherwood

St Patrick’s Day Flash Sale

We’re giving you something special to celebrate this Saturday as we’re doing a one day only St. Patrick’s Day flash sale when we’re taking 17% off all of our wonderful Irish made Catherwood guitars.

We will be open for anyone wanting to come into The Old Dairy to try the guitars or, if you have already tried them at a guitar show (or previously in the showroom) and know what you want, you can order it via our webshop.

Feel free to contact us for more details.

The (not so) Small Print
– The sale price is for St. Patrick’s Day only and will run for the full 24 hours of the day GMT.
– All prices are inclusive of VAT
– All prices include a Hiscox case
– The Flash Sale price is the final price with no negotiations
– If not collected in person, delivery charges will apply on top of the price quoted.

14 - flash sale

One Hour Left

There’s just one hour left on our Small Bowed Saver Bundle sale before we switch to our next 24 hour sale.

The next discount bundle gives you your choice of one of the mid-range Orpheus Valley all solid wood classical guitars: the Fiesta, Sofia, or Rondo, plus a European-made APC rigid case, a set of Savarez 540 CR Normal strings, and an English pewter guitar keyring.

This complete bundle normally retails at £799. For today only, it’s yours for less than the price of the guitar alone; a mere £549.

Guitar Options: Your choice of any of the following models
Fiesta: Solid Indian rosewood back and sides, Solid red cedar top, Honduras cedar neck, Indian rosewood fingerboard, 65cm scale neck, 52mm wide at the nut. “Rich, Warm, Piano-like”
Rondo: Solid walnut back and sides, Solid European spruce top, African mahogany neck, Indian rosewood fingerboard, 65cm scale neck, 52mm wide at the nut. “Sonorous, Punchy, Festive”
Sofia: Solid sapelli back and sides, Solid red cedar top, African mahogany neck, Indian rosewood fingerboard, 65cm scale neck, 52mm wide at the nut, “Vibrant, Balanced, Rustic”

Just click this link now, or after 10am depending on which offer interests you, and bag yourself a bargain as when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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