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Volante Double Bass

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday video features Maurice Dupont and the stunning Volante double bass.

Although the biggest selling point of the Volante is that it is a travel bass that looks like a regular bass, another is that it can be set up in 5 mins… a fact that often gets challenged by people (especially when they see us doing it for the first time when we haven’t had one in the showroom for a while 😉😮).

So here’s Maurice, taking his time and not rushing, setting the Volante up in under 5 minutes.

Farewell No.50

12 - VolanteWe hit a landmark at the weekend as we sold the 50th Volante produced by Maurice Dupont.  It’s hard to credit that there are actually 50 of these wonderful instruments out there…

Sending an instrument out is a time of mixed emotion as, unlike many retailers where it is all about the money, for us it is all about matching the instrument to the player.  In many respects we’re a bit like marriage brokers as, when we find the right instrument for the right player we can see him or her fall in love with it and we know it’ll be a long, happy, and rewarding relationship.