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Preserving Heritage

With the senior team in Cognac we thought we’d make today’s #TuesdayTrivia about Maurice Dupont.

28 - busatoDid you know that, as well as making and maintaining all the Rheinhardt family instruments, he is passionately committed to preserving the gypsy jazz heritage.  So much so that, to protect the name and reputation of some of the most iconic marques, he owns the Busato and Stimer brands as well as crafting Di Mauro, Selmer, and Maccaferri types; thereby ensuring they are preserved for posterity with traditional craftsmanship.

Although we don’t have a Busato Royale, or any Stimer amps for that matter, in stock at the moment we are expecting them in when our team returns from Cognac

‘Fake’ Busato?

Talking about our Dupont Busato Royale yesterday reminded us of a ‘fake’ Busato that was brought to our attention a while back.

The reason it was thought to be a fake was that it had the distinctive Di Mauro f-holes.  However, although the iconic gypsy f-holes became a Di Mauro signature – much as the Selmer petite bouche and the Maccaferri grande bouche – all the leading gypsy luthiers would make a guitar with the f-holes because of its sweet sound.

16 - f hole busatoThe picture shown here is of a genuine Busato that dates from the 1950s.  It’s a little beaten up, and the years have not been kind to it, but it has the iconic Di Mauro f-holes.  It also has the distinctive shaped bridge that you see on all the Dupont guitars.

It’s colour is also unusual for a Busato and reminds us of Maurice Dupont’s Black Beauty; a maple guitar finished in a high gloss midnight black.  Sadly that particular model is made to order only 🙁